Course curriculum

    1. 5-Step Agent Attraction Process

    2. Building Your Agent Attraction Business Plan For 2022

    3. 10 Tips To Grow Your Revenue Share at eXp Realty

    4. Brent Gove - All-In Checklist

    5. Ten Things to Do FIRST After Joining eXp Realty - Get Setup FAST!

    6. Every System and Tool I Use for eXp Realty Agent Attraction

    7. Building Your eXp Realty Wealth Chart with Rob Flick

    8. Creating Your eXp Realty Story Pitch

    9. Agent Attraction on Social Media - Build Your List & Book Appointments

    1. The Power of Visualizing and Forecasting

    2. Overcoming the Top 12 eXp Realty Objections with Bob Mangold

    3. Brent Gove eXp Realty Story - How He Built A 5000+ Agent Team

    4. Rich Tomasini Grows His Business to 700 Agents in Under 2 Years

    5. Top Strategies To Attract Agents to eXp Realty With Connor Steinbrook

    6. What To Focus On Consistently For Agent Attraction Success

    7. eXp Realty Agent Attraction Tracking Spreadsheet - Questions & Answers

    8. How To Attract Between Two and Five Agents to eXp Realty Per Month

    9. How to Present the eXp Realty Business Model with Gene Frederick

    10. Agent Attraction Training Brent Gove

    11. Attracting the RIGHT Real Estate Agents to eXp Realty

    12. The 5 Qualities of a Top Real Estate Team Builder

    13. The Scripts I Use To Invite Agents to an eXp Realty Presentation

    14. AJ Mida - How to Gain Time, Location & Financial Freedom in Real Estate

    15. Tools For Agent Attraction at eXp

    16. Business Planning and Goal Setting For eXp Realty Agent Attraction

    17. eXp Realty Agent Attraction Master Class

    1. YouTube For Agent Attraction

    2. eXp Realty Agent Attraction List Building on Social Media

    3. Agent Attraction On Social Media With Kyle Handy

    4. How To Automate LinkedIn Prospecting With LeadConnect

    1. How to Increase Duplication at eXp Realty

    1. How To Attract Brokers to eXp Realty

    2. 6 Reasons Why I Moved My Real Estate Brokerage to eXp Realty

    3. A Discussion on How To Structure Teams at eXp

    1. Glenn Sanford eXp Realty Formation Story

    2. Pat Hays eXp Realty Story

    3. Rob Flick eXp Realty Story

    4. Sheila Fejeran eXp Realty Story

    5. Elizabeth Riley eXp Realty Story

    6. AJ Mida eXp Realty Story

    7. Tom Truong eXp Realty Story - Overcoming Adversity

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