Course curriculum

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    Watch These Videos First!

    • 5-Step Agent Attraction Process
    • Building Your Agent Attraction Business Plan For 2022
    • 10 Tips To Grow Your Revenue Share at eXp Realty
    • Brent Gove - All-In Checklist
    • Ten Things to Do FIRST After Joining eXp Realty - Get Setup FAST!
    • Every System and Tool I Use for eXp Realty Agent Attraction
    • Building Your eXp Realty Wealth Chart with Rob Flick
    • Creating Your eXp Realty Story Pitch
    • Agent Attraction on Social Media - Build Your List & Book Appointments
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    Check These Out Next!

    • The Power of Visualizing and Forecasting
    • Overcoming the Top 12 eXp Realty Objections with Bob Mangold
    • Brent Gove eXp Realty Story - How He Built A 5000+ Agent Team
    • Rich Tomasini Grows His Business to 700 Agents in Under 2 Years
    • Top Strategies To Attract Agents to eXp Realty With Connor Steinbrook
    • What To Focus On Consistently For Agent Attraction Success
    • eXp Realty Agent Attraction Tracking Spreadsheet - Questions & Answers
    • How To Attract Between Two and Five Agents to eXp Realty Per Month
    • How to Present the eXp Realty Business Model with Gene Frederick
    • Agent Attraction Training Brent Gove
    • Attracting the RIGHT Real Estate Agents to eXp Realty
    • The 5 Qualities of a Top Real Estate Team Builder
    • The Scripts I Use To Invite Agents to an eXp Realty Presentation
    • AJ Mida - How to Gain Time, Location & Financial Freedom in Real Estate
    • Tools For Agent Attraction at eXp
    • Business Planning and Goal Setting For eXp Realty Agent Attraction
    • eXp Realty Agent Attraction Master Class
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    Social Media

    • YouTube For Agent Attraction
    • eXp Realty Agent Attraction List Building on Social Media
    • Agent Attraction On Social Media With Kyle Handy
    • How To Automate LinkedIn Prospecting With LeadConnect
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    • How to Increase Duplication at eXp Realty
  • 5

    Attracting Brokers and Team Leaders

    • How To Attract Brokers to eXp Realty
    • 6 Reasons Why I Moved My Real Estate Brokerage to eXp Realty
    • A Discussion on How To Structure Teams at eXp
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    eXp Realty Stories

    • Glenn Sanford eXp Realty Formation Story
    • Pat Hays eXp Realty Story
    • Rob Flick eXp Realty Story
    • Sheila Fejeran eXp Realty Story
    • Elizabeth Riley eXp Realty Story
    • AJ Mida eXp Realty Story
    • Tom Truong eXp Realty Story - Overcoming Adversity
  • 7

    Ongoing Agent Attraction Training

    • Building And Following Up With Your Agent Attraction List
    • Build Your Wealth Chart With Alphonso Camargo
    • How I Track My Agent Attraction Numbers
    • How Top Attractor Tina Caul Built A Rev Share Team of 700 Agents In 2 Years
    • How Pat Hays Built His Revenue Share Team To Over 3000 Agents
    • NEADS Analysis & Good Questions To Ask Agents For Agent Attraction
    • New Strategies To Grow Your Revenue Share at eXp Realty
    • What To Focus On Consistently For Agent Attraction Success
    • Agent Attraction Funnels
    • Top 5 Tips For Agent Attraction With Jamie Tulak
  • 8

    Live Events

    • Al Stasek - How To Agent Attract
    • Agent Attraction Best Practices With Jay Kinder
    • One Big Fire With Jay Kinder
    • Glenn Sanford - From Pain To Purpose
    • Gene Frederick - Napkin Speech
    • Gene Frederick - Create Your Freedom
    • eXp Realty By The Numbers With Kyle Handy
    • Gogo Bethke - Building a Community
    • Don Hobbs - The Speed of the Leader Determines The Pace of the Pack
    • Kingdoms Colliding With Brent Gove
    • Scott Lewis - Rev Share Building Tips
    • Michael Reese - The Coaching Up Method
    • Knolly Williams - The Laws To Agent Attraction